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November 18, 2022


Land Registry Timescales – How long will it take?

At Davisons Law, we are asked this question quite frequently.

It is hard to advise currently on exact timescales as there has previously been many delays at the Land Registry which had originally stemmed from Covid-19 in addition to the increase in applications during the stamp duty holiday period.

How long until the application will be registered?

The Land Registry has now published helpful guidance in relation to its service levels and processing times for updating the register on a property.

According to the website, we are now seeing the following processing time frames.

Ownership, mortgage and other changes to existing registrations

Your application will be completed by:

  • Earliest 10-30 days
  • Average 60-80 days
  • Almost all 150 to 185 days

Transfers of part of a property and new leases

Your application will be completed by:

  • Earliest 202 days
  • Average 424 says
  • Almost all 448 days

New housing registrations with prior estate plan approvals

Your application will be completed by:

  • Earliest 275 days
  • Average 355 says
  • Almost all 388 days

Registering a property for the first time

Your application will be completed by:

  • Earliest 275 days
  • Average 295 says
  • Almost all 307 days

Please note: These timeframes apply to England and Wales only. They are also only estimated timescales, and it’s not uncommon for a complex application to take a year or more, and a simple application to take 2 months or longer.

If you require further advice or information regarding applications please contact our Conveyancing Department at Davisons Law on 0121 7567 807.


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