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Small Claims Solicitor

If you are experiencing difficulties recovering money from a person or a company, our small claims solicitors can give you the best chance of winning. We can also help if court action is being taken to recover money from you. Our solicitors will deal with your claim quickly and efficiently to minimise your worry and stress.

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What is a small claim?

A small claim is up to £10,000 in England and Wales. For personal injury and housing disrepair claims, the limit is £1,000.

‘Small claims’ is a procedure. There is no such thing as a ‘small claims court’. Small claims are handled by the county courts.

Most small claims involve debt recovery, poor workmanship, faulty goods or failure to supply goods.

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To start a small claim, you fill in a claim form, in relation to which you are the Claimant. On the form you detail the particulars of your claim and explain why you think you are owed money.

The Defendant (the person you are making the claim against) has 14 days to acknowledge the claim form and if they do this, a further 14 days to accept your claim or file a defence. If they do not reply in time, they may have a default judgment issued against them from the Court.

It is advisable to gather strong evidence to support your claim, such as receipts, invoices, estimates, photos of any damage caused, and a statement from someone else to support what has happened, for example, if you are claiming for substandard workmanship another professional may be able to provide written evidence.

Whether you are eligible to make a small claim depends upon the nature of the claim.

These are some examples of circumstances in which you could make a small claim:

  • You have received a faulty product or a poor service, or you have not received a product you have paid for. You can make a claim of up to £10,000 up to 6 years after you paid for the product or service. In some instances, you have longer than 6 years to make a claim. Our solicitors can advise you.
  • You rent a property and your landlord is responsible for carrying out repairs, but they have failed to do so. If the cost of repairs is up to £1,000, you can make a claim.
  • You rent a property and your landlord has carried out repairs that have had a negative impact on you. You may be able to claim up to £10,000 in compensation to cover any costs you have had to pay due to repair work, plus the stress and inconvenience caused. The time limit for claims is 6 years. Talk to our solicitors to find out what you can claim for and how much you could claim.
  • You are self-employed and a client owes you money. You can claim up to £10,000 through the small claims process.

There are many other situations in which you are eligible to make a small claim. Please talk to our solicitors to check if you have a case.

There is a Court issue fee based on the value of the Claim.  If you are in receipt of certain benefits or on low income you may be entitled to help with fees.

If you win your case, you will get the court fees back and your claim will not have cost you any money.

You do not need a solicitor to make a small claim. However, seeking legal advice increases the chances of your claim being successful.

Our small claims solicitors at Davisons Law can advise to make sure you have a sound legal basis for your claim and strong evidence to back it up. We can prepare the paperwork, produce letters of documentation, advise you on the best strategy to win your case, and guide you through court procedures.

If someone is making a small claim against you, we can advise you on the best way to proceed. It is important to take steps immediately, so you do not receive a default judgment against you.

Our experienced lawyers can explain the small claims process, help you complete the relevant paperwork and plan the best course of action.

If you are struggling to pay debts, we may be able to help you put a debt management plan in place so that you can regain control of your finances.

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Once we have discussed your situation, we will let you know whether you have a case and how we can help. We will explain the costs involved, so you can decide if it is worth investing the time and money to pursue a claim.

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