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Congratulations on your recent property acquisition! As you embark on this exciting new chapter in your life, we at Davisons Law understands the importance of safeguarding your hard-earned assets and ensuring a smooth transition for your loved ones. That's why we encourage you to take the new step forward and prioritize your legacy by crafting a comprehensive will.

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Davisons have been established for over 35 years. We operate out of 14 offices throughout the Cotswolds, London, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands. No matter the legal requirement, we have the expertise to offer clear advice when our clients need it most. We work with our partners and clients to guide them to a positive outcome.


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The Will Process

Making a will is so important. A will is a legal document that ensures your estate is distributed amongst your selected beneficaries.It is important to know that if there is no will then the law states that you follow the intestacy rule. Intestacy rules follows a class of beneficaries. These may not truly mirror the wishes of the deceased. Below are the steps to making a will.


1. Initial Appointment

Book your initial appointment with one of Davisons Law private client solicitors. Your solicitor will discuss the type of Wills that you can use to protect your estate. It is also an opportunity to select the beneficiaries and the executors of the will. This first step will allow you to get an accurate quotation from the beginning.

2. Drafting your Will

After your initial appointment your solicitor will draft your will and send it out to you to approve the terms.

Final Will Signing

If you are happy with the draft, Davisons will ask you to come into the office to execute the will. You will sign the will to finalise it and be given a copy, while Davisons retains the original for future record.

What's Next?

Once this has been completed no further steps will be needed. However, Davisons Law will always be available to disccus amending your will or to discuss any other legal services you may need.

Why should I get a Will?

Making a will is so important. A will is a legal document that ensures your estate is distributed amongst your selected beneficiaries. It is important to remember that if there is no will then the law states that you follow the intestacy rules. Intestacy rules follow a class of beneficiaries. These may not truly mirror the wishes of the deceased.

Below are a few reasons to make a will, especially after recently purchasing a property:

  •  As a general rule, everyone that owns a property should have a Will to guarantee that the property will be inherited by the people you want to benefit when you are no longer around.
  •  If you die without a Will, you are deemed to have died intestate and the intestacy rules will govern who will inherit your estate. This means your property may end up in the hands of people you did not want to benefit.
  •     If you do have younger children, you can make provision for guardians that you wish to take care of them for peace of mind. Without this the decision may be left to the family courts.
  •     If you are not married or in a civil partnership a Will will have to be needed especially if you are cohabiting. This ensures provisions are made for them following your death, as the intestacy rules do not consider unmarried partners. Without a will, an unmarried loved one may be left without any inheritance.
  •  If you are married and have children from a previous marriage, you may wish to put in place a Will to ensure that certain assets for your children are protected.
  •  If you are concerned that you may have to pay inheritance tax on your death, a Will is a useful tax planning tool. The intestacy rules are not the most tax efficient and you may find that significant parts of your wealth are lost to inheritance tax.
  •  In your Will, you can specify the age at which you would like your children and grandchildren to inherit or even set up trusts for your children if you feel they are vulnerable or struggle with managing money. Without a Will, your children will inherit their share of your estate at 18.
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Real Life Example

We always find that case studies are always more interesting than facts and so see below for an illustration of why putting in place a Will can be vital:

  • Tom is a dentist and Tina is a vet and they are both in their early 30s. They both are busy with work and have not really given any thought to getting married or starting a family.
  • Tom received a sizeable inheritance from his parents and he purchased a home in his sole name without a mortgage that he lives in with Tina.
  • Sadly, before his 34th birthday, Tom is knocked over by a bus and dies instantly.
  • Tom and Tina had talked about making Wills, but had never gotten around to doing it.
  • Tom’s only surviving family is his older sister, Tamara. Tom was never close with Tamara growing up and Tina has only met her a handful of times

What are the implications that Tom has died not married to Tina and without a Will?

  • Tom’s estate will be governed by the rules of intestacy. As his surviving sibling, Tamara is the one who will be entitled to act as administrator of Tom’s estate and will also be entitled to inherit everything Tom had, including the property that he lived in with Tina. Tamara intends to sell Tom’s property and move abroad, leaving Tina without a home to live in.
  • Whilst Tina was Tom’s long-term partner, they were not married and therefore she will not be accounted for under the rules of intestacy and will not receive anything from Tom’s estate. If Tom had put in place a Will, he could have chosen to include Tina and ensured provision was made for her following his death.
  • Tina can make a claim against Tom’s estate, but this can be a long-winded process and who wants to go through the added stress and pressure of this when mourning a loved one.
  • Not only this, but Tom’s total estate exceeds the inheritance tax threshold and there is inheritance tax to pay in the sum of £56,000. This could have been avoided if Tom and Tina had sought legal advice in relation to their Wills and could have been informed of the availability of the spouse exemption if they married.


Don’t be like Tom and Tina and get advice about putting in place a Will!

What People Say About Us

At Davisons Law we aim to offer the best possible service for our clients, and the results we achieve are reflected in the feedback our clients give us.

Read a selection of our client's testimonials below.

Over 500 5 Star reviews
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Gemma Welch & Sally Hobday have been nothing but brilliant, they kept us updated throughout a difficult transition as a result of difficulties in the lower end of the chain, and once we could finally complete, it was extremely swift and efficient. Thank you so much to you both!

Katy Love - Google Review

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Davisons have been absolutely fantastic supporting us with the sale and purchase of properties. The communication from the team has been incredible, keeping us informed and answering any queries along the way. Moving day was made very easy due to the great planning in the lead up to completion. Special thanks to Alicia Franklin and the team, can’t recommend them enough for moving home!

Rachael Scott - Google Review

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Carol Parker and her assistant, Shauna Meadley, assisted my wife and I to sell a house. Putting aside the legal aspects, the key tasks when selling/buying a property is clear and timely communication along with providing simple solutions to problems arising during the transactions. I am happy to state that they both performed these tasks brilliantly.

Riaz Choudhery - Google Review

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Professional, friendly service. Kept us informed of ant progress and dealt with any problems promptly and efficiently. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Elizabeth Hancox - Google Review

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Gemma and Sally help through buy my new purchase so well They are the best solicitors

Vaishali Amin - Google Review

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An excellent service from both Kerry Morgan and Heidi Menin of Davisons in the sale of our property, and also the purchase of our new home. It was not straightforward, but they were thorough and professional at all times.

Sally Hannah - Google Review

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Thank you to Harriet, Nicola, Charlotte and all the staff from Davisons Law who helped and supported me throughout the process of buying my house!

Thanas sterjo - Google Review

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The Conveyancing team at Davisons made our purchase a seamless process throughout. The whole team (Nicola, Harriet, Charlotte and the wider team) were always extremely efficient and were prompt in responding to all of our queries. Very impressed and would definitely recommend!

S D - Google Review

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Glad to have the service provided by Davisons Law. All the staffs are professionals, nice and always give us a valuable advice. It's highly recommended.

Kary Wan - Google Review

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We chose Davisons Law Solihull to handle the sale of my mother’s retirement flat and have been very pleased with the service provided by Conveyancer Carol Parker, her assistant Shauna Meadley and their Solihull office. From the outset we were provided with all necessary paperwork and a clear explanation of the process, with all the associated costs. Everything we returned to the office was promptly acknowledged. We were particularly impressed by how accessible they were. We felt we were kept up to date with what was happening. Carol was always ready to explain any query we might have. If we left a message ther...

Jim Andrews - Google Review

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First time in over 30 years that I have had to go through this process and on my own as well. I must admit I had to call many times but always got a reply and a call back. All in all I think it was a bit stressful but we got there in the end. Lisa was always very helpful.

Ros Houston - Google Review

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