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May 15, 2023


Davisons Law have raised over £1,300 for local charity by taking part in the 100 Miles in March Challenge!

Our team from Davisons Law, Stafford have set themselves a challenge to walk 100 miles in March in order to raise money for A Child of Mine, a local charity based in the heart of Stafford who provide support to bereaved families and parents.

As well as volunteering to take the dogs from Brighter Days Dog Rescue for a walk in their quest to reach their target, our employees stayed dedicated to their walks and managed to raise approximately £1350.00 for the local charity. Alongside collecting donations for their daily walks around the heart of Stafford, the remaining monies were raised at Davisons Stafford 1st Birthday Event at The Post House by raffling off prizes kindly donated to by local businesses; another gesture which shows the generosity and community spirit which is so high in Stafford.

Natalie Buck, Assistant from Stafford who took part in the challenge said “A Child Of Mine supports families and works with healthcare professionals when a child has passed away.  We wanted to help them continue the amazing work they do to ensure every bereaved parent receives the support they need by taking part in their 10 in 10 challenge. All of their services to families and healthcare professionals are completely free of charge and they therefore have to raise 100% of their costs through fundraising.

Anthony Myles, Director expressed “When we open an office in a new area being the “new kids on the block” is something we are conscious of. We always try to immerse ourselves in the local community and look to give something back where possible. Providing a fantastic legal service is one thing but being able to make a change by supporting a local charity is something that I am personally very proud of.

Most of the monies were raised by 9 of the team walking 100 miles over the course of the month. When the idea was first put to me, I agreed to take part as I thought it was a collective 100 miles between the team which would be a walk in the park (literally) but I soon discovered that this was 100 miles per person! After the initial shock wore off, I embraced the challenge and the team did so too. The challenge became a friendly competition between us in the office and despite tricky weather conditions (yes, I am referring to the few inches of snow that seemed to disrupt everything), a lot of the team had already clocked up their miles by the mid-way point of the month.

The team were walking in both the rain or sunshine and were all determined to complete the challenge for the charity. Despite the slightly competitive edge there were lots of messages of encouragement between us all knowing that the result was completing the challenge as a team.

I would like to thank everyone who donated or took part in the fundraising and I am confident that Davisons Law Stafford and A Child of Mine will continue to work together with further fundraising ideas already being discussed.”

This year is the 10th Anniversary of A Child Of Mine and their goal has been is to raise £10,000 in their 10th year. Our team from the Stafford office have loved participating in the 100 miles challenge throughout March and held a raffle at the Stafford office 1st Birthday party to help them achieve this goal.

About A Child Of Mine:

A Child Of Mine works to provide emotional and practical support to bereaved parents and families. The charity work in partnership with health care professionals to help improve care and support available when a child passes away. The charity offers confidential peer support, information, guidance and a listening ear to any family who has lost a child at any age or gestation, and from any circumstance.

Founder & CEO, Gayle lost her 8-month-old to Stage 4 high risk, Neuroblastoma, (MYCN Amplification). Neuroblastoma is an extremely aggressive childhood cancer and for Lewis it carried a very poor prognosis.  Gayle and her team want to share the wealth of information and knowledge that they have built from their own experience and from others who have walked the same path.

Their vision is reaching every bereaved parent and their families in the UK and give them access to as many practical resources as possible after the death of a child.

Davisons Law are committed to providing to support to local charities and are especially proud to have donated to a charity aims to develop and deliver more direct services to bereaved families across the UK.


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