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October 07, 2022


Getting to know Inayah Habib

Meet Inayah Habib, a Solicitor within our Family Law team based at our Sutton Coldfield office.

Inayah Habib specialises in the following areas:

Why did you choose family law?

I have a passion for helping people. Divorce or separation from your partner can most definitely be one of the most difficult times in an individual’s life. People usually are at their most vulnerable and are afraid as to how they will cope with such change in their life. I like to provide clients with reassurance and assist them in getting through this difficult time. The positive change in an individual from the outset of their matter to the end of their matter is what makes this job so satisfying.

Why would someone choose to be represented by Davisons?

At Davisons, your representatives care and are approachable! You will be provided with practical and realistic advice throughout your matter. We aim to take your stress away from you.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far

The highlight of my career will have to be when I assisting in the return of two very young children to their Father. The children had been taken away (without consent or a court order) by their Mother who was only allowed supervised contact through a Court Order. Mother was an alcoholic and drug addict who would sometimes be found unconscious. The Mother continuously placed the children at risk. My emergency application was dealt with quickly but despite the Court Order which was hand-delivered to Mother, she refused to return the children. With the assistance of the police, the children were returned to Father on the very same day. The smiles on the children’s little faces when they saw their Father was most definitely worth the extra hours I worked that week.

What are you watching on TV at the moment?

Stranger Things on Netflix. Bring on Season 5!


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